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18. Why have I been asked different questions to other people?

Some universities and colleges have chosen to ask their students some additional questions in areas relevant to their particular learning experience. Students are given the choice of whether they want to continue on to complete these extra questions when they have completed the main NSS questionnaire online. If you choose not to complete the additional modules, which should take a few minutes, then your responses to the main survey will still be taken into account. The additional question modules are only asked if you are completing the survey online.

Students studying NHS subjects undertake practice placements, so their experience of Higher Education is slightly different. Therefore, in addition to the standard 23 questions, students studying NHS subjects are asked additional questions about their practice placement.

The National Student Survey Questionnaire (NHS)

After you have completed the NSS, you may also be asked if you wish to take part in the Intentions After Graduation Survey (IAGS). Please note that this survey is separate to the National Student Survey. The survey asks final year students undertaking a Bachelor's degree about their plans after graduating from their current course and takes no more than three minutes to complete. Completion of this short survey is not obligatory and you can decline the invitation to complete it. Your answers for the NSS will still be submitted regardless of whether you complete this survey.

Frequently Asked Questions
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  18. Why have I been asked different questions to other people?
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